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This is Chemitron Technologies

Chemitron Technologies, a subsidiary of the Chemitron group of companies, established in Israel in 1999, is a key player in the mass transportation sector.

With more than 30 years of active involvement in Israel’s mass transportation field, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for buses, railways, LRV/LRT, tram trains and metro systems.

Our expertise covers a wide spectrum, including vehicles, accessories, spare parts, depot equipment and advanced systems for both onboard and station applications.

Leveraging our extensive marketing experience and strong industry relationships, we have become a vital partner in numerous mass transportation projects in the local market, contributing to the advancement and innovation of transportation infrastructure.


Chemitron technologies is a part of chemitron group of companies

A trusted leader in chemical marketing and sales, offering tailored solutions and a comprehensive range of chemicals, raw materials and additives.

A chemical distribution company fulfilling customers' immediate supply needs for chemicals and raw materials from readily available stock.

A leading subsidiary of Chemitron Group of companies, excelling in mass transportation solutions for railways, trains, buses etc.